7 Things To Do After Sex To Keep Your Vagina Happy

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Corresponding author. Abstract Low sexual desire in women partnered with men is typically presumed to be a problem—one that exists in women and encourages a research agenda on causation and treatment targeting women. In this paper, we present a distinct way forward for research on low sexual desire in women partnered with men that attends to a more structural explanation: heteronormativity. A heteronormative worldview assumes that relationships and structures are heterosexual, gender usually conflated with sex is binary and complementary, and gender roles fit within narrow bounds including nurturant labor for women. We propose the heteronormativity theory of low sexual desire in women partnered with men, arguing that heteronormative gender inequities are contributing factors.

Shutterstock You love sex Not accordingly much. UTIs, vaginal irritation, the works. The good news is there are some pretty austere things to do after femininity to keep your vagina after that your libido equally happy.

My boyfriend has already had femininity and oral sex with compound partners. How can I avert these? Also how can I tell if he has an STD without asking him? Having sex is a huge assessment, and an STD or accidental pregnancy can change your animation. Condoms are the best approach to prevent pregnancy and STDs, so be sure to abuse a condom every time you have sex including oral before anal sex. That's why you need to talk to your boyfriend about your concerns ahead of you have sex. Your boyfriend has been honest about his past sexual partners, and that's a sign he'll be ajar to talking about STDs.

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