'I didn't think trans women like me could find true love' says Juno Dawson

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Share She added that her two daughters have adapted to having James in their life 'amazingly'. I'm sure she'll win one day but I'm going to fight it until then. Speaking about their first holiday, Gemma admitted it was 'make or break' because they weren't sure where they stood with each other. Addressing James via a video call, she added: 'Yeah I love you to bits. We could have a good conversation maybe with each other. When she picked him the pair shared a naked hug - then prepped to go on their first date.

Although it went much further than that. When I imagined for my part as a teenager or fully developed, it was always as a female. My internal vision of myself was never as a boy. As I got older, I learned to hide those feelings because I was made fun of. But at slight now I could imagine adoration in my life, and I was excited. I came absent to some friends when I was 15 and to my mum when I was 20, although she already knew.

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