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To his friends and clients, Bruce McArthur was a gregarious white-haired landscaper who brought beauty to upscale Toronto neighbourhoods. But that pleasant demeanour masked a smouldering malevolence. This is the story of a man who, under the nose of police in the heart of Toronto, is accused of dismembering and burying his victims; a master of duplicity who beguiled his friends and, despite the red flags, plied his deadly deceit in a trusting community. These days, McArthur is being held at the Toronto South Detention Centre in segregation and under constant suicide watch. He has made pretrial court appearances via video link — the next is on April 11 — looking wan and tired with pronounced deep shadows under his eyes. He has spoken only to state his name and to thank the court. He brought me four dozen roses and a gorgeous pair of earrings. He helps me around the house

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Guindon pere also served as a fence for corrupt Oshawa policemen who wanted to sell items that they had stolen although performing their duties. I'm not at all religious. I old to hate being on my knees all the time, saying prayers and losing a combine of hours every Sunday. Guindon was frequently beaten by a nun he called Dirty Gertie. The Choice founder combined audacity and a quick intelligence after that a keen sense of address. Bernie always seemed to appreciate how to get things along without ever appearing manipulative.

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