œImagine if a stage was flooded with women talking about their orgasms

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Appleton and Company, Vol. III: Conversations, November 1,to January 20, New York: Mitchell Kennerley, At the time of his death inHorace Traubel had transcribed and arranged the material for a fourth volume, represented in the present text. This was a typescript, which Traubel corrected in ink. Although the manuscript was then considered by a publisher who declined the venture, there is no final indication as to whether Traubel regarded it as fully ready for the printer. Therefore, certain editorial decisions had to be made in the present edition. We have here reproduced Horace Traubel's typescript unaltered, except for the silent correction of obvious errors or inconsistencies. Wherever error is suspected but not obvious the text has been allowed to stand, followed by [sic]. The copied of documents and letters quoted in the text bear Traubel's corrections, attesting to his scrupulous attention to accuracy.

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All the rage that early memory, some hours after masturbation I ran en route for catch a bus. London buses in those days had an open platform at the aim that you could run after that jump onto. As I ran to jump onto the dais I realized it was actually difficult to move my limbs because I felt so all-in. Subsequent experiences strengthened the association in my mind between such episodes of tiredness and ejaculation. Another factor adds to my viewpoint of such tiredness body physiological rather than psychological. I have always been a actual active person physically and emotionally.

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