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My butt hurts! Tom and I did our longest ride ever! We went 35 miles on that bike trail we told you about That's great! When we got done, we were really sore! What can we do so our butts don't hurt? And the problem it describes isn't unusual. Saddle soreness makes many people think they can't bicycle. Most often, I hear it as an excuse: I don't see how you can sit on that tiny seat.

Designed for most people experiencing butt before crotch pain when cycling, buying a new saddle is as a rule a last resort. Before you go out and purchase a new saddle for your bike something that can be equally complicated and expensivebe sure en route for read this article in its entirely. If your butt before crotch is hurting you afterwards just a short time of riding your bicycle, the badly behave is usually caused by: A misaligned saddle or seat boundary marker. Improper handlebar positioning. A low-quality or worn out saddle. Austerely sitting in the wrong area on the saddle. This is the first place you absence to start when trying en route for solve your sore butt catch-22. If your butt or crotch is hurting you while you ride your bike, try the following before you go absent and purchase a new saddle: Adjust the up and along angle of your saddle. Alter the side to side aim of your saddle.

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