Foucault: power is everywhere

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After that it induces regular effects of power. In fact power produces; it produces reality; it produces domains of objects and rituals of truth. Power is additionally a major source of collective discipline and conformity. Their systems of surveillance and assessment denial longer required force or aggression, as people learned to authority themselves and behave in accepted ways. Foucault was fascinated as a result of the mechanisms of prison close watch, school discipline, systems for the administration and control of populations, and the promotion of norms about bodily conduct, including femininity. He studied psychology, medicine after that criminology and their roles at the same time as bodies of knowledge that characterize norms of behaviour and deviance. This is why state-centric ability struggles, including revolutions, do not always lead to change all the rage the social order. But he has been hugely influential all the rage pointing to the ways so as to norms can be so entrenched as to be beyond our perception — causing us en route for discipline ourselves without any conscious coercion from others. Contrary en route for many interpretations, Foucault believed all the rage possibilities for action and battle.

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