Alcohol Overdose

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Seek Help Occasionally, everyone comes across someone who drinks too much—a coworker at an office party or a college friend at a wedding. But, when that person is a relative who consistently drinks too much—especially around the holidays—the situation becomes a little more challenging and laughing it off doesn't seem like a suitable answer. Whether you drink yourself, or you've decided that's not the life for you, dealing with a relative who misuses alcohol is stressful, especially if you love the person dearly. Consequently, understanding how to approach these situations and conversations is important. Here are some ideas on how to address your relative's drinking in a direct and honest way. Acknowledge Your Feelings Feeling angry, upset, embarrassed, or frightened when your relative drinks too much is normal and understandable, especially if they have a tendency to become abusive or belligerent. Consequently, you may feel anxious or afraid around them or re-experience negative memories from the past even before they are intoxicated.

The WHO reports that in , 5. Worldwide, more men break down as a result of alcohol consumption than women. What is binge drinking and how does it affect your body? By and large, binge drinking means drinking a great deal over a short period of time with the intention after that result of getting immediately after that severely intoxicated drunk. In the short term, binge drinking can result in a hangover, alcohol poisoning, or any of the other short-term effects of alcohol consumption, such as accidents after that violence, discussed above.

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