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Or has the pandemic intensified existing gender and class-based disadvantages both at home and in the workplace, bringing with it the prospect of an attack on - or at best a stalling of - equality in work in the UK? In this paper, we explore the impact of COVID on the paid and unpaid work of working class women, including comparisons with women and men in other class groupings. For example, for women working in close contact with customers, clients and patients, COVID brings work intensification and life-threatening health risks e. For many others, national and regional lockdowns have increased work instability, financial hardship and insecurity. As well as the impact on paid work, the division of domestic labour has been brought into sharper focus with lockdown. We explore whether anything has changed since the pandemic began by asking, in partnered households with children, who is more or less likely to do the housework and caring for children with school and nursery closures, self-isolation and home-schooling? Class also shapes the places and spaces where paid work is carried out.

We asked one of our undergraduates who attended the lecture en route for write a piece that summarised the lecture, whilst also analytically engaging with some of the ideas. We also offered Wendy the chance to respond, which produced a open, honest, after that sometimes uncomfortable discussion around maternity, femininity, and the position of gender and feminism studies at present. Secretly, I was hoping en route for hear some concrete pro- after that con-arguments as to whether appropriate a mother nowadays even makes sense. Although the lecture did not add any such arguments to the imaginary mothering-list of mine, it gave me a lot of valuable thoughts and nudges a propos theoretical considerations relating to femininity and parenthood, and strongly brilliant me to keep reflecting arrange how I position and custom my feminism. This constituted a base for her analysis, as she described those mothers at the same time as faced with an inner argue between their ideological views arrange gender, and the physical actuality of biology. Hollway used the matrixial theory, the idea of trans-subjectivity, and the notions of diachronous versus synchronous parenthood, en route for explain how men and women are bound to experience fatherhood differently. As a result, Hollway suggested that feminism needs en route for be very careful about disregarding the biological. Personally, I've been thinking about the concepts of masculinity and femininity, and my position in and between the two, ever since taking a gender module in first day.

It's adoration. It's basic femininity. It's concentrated amusement. It's accordingly characteristic.

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