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Recommended Articles Abstract This article explores how women interpreted everyday clothing practices and decoration of their body and how they positioned themselves in different social milieus during the period of socialist Slovenia — The new socialist middle class in Slovenia and Yugoslavia was defined by participation in a lifestyle, created and expressed through consumption and behaviors that turned everyday life into a symbolic display of taste and cultural distinction. This article shows the ways women engaged in self-expression and negotiated dressing up. It analyzes the self-emancipation of women as they challenged the boundaries of social hierarchies on the basis of self-transformations, pointing out the active role that women had in their self-positioning in social categories. Following the communist takeover in Yugoslavia ina new middle class emerged with sufficient economic and cultural capital to be spent on material goods. Drawing on oral interviews, the article argues that many Slovenian women found means of self-expression, negotiation, and resistance in everyday clothing practices and decoration of the body. In the late s and s, Yugoslavia established administrative state socialism, but the period after introduced a more liberal and decentralized political system that enabled far greater liberties for Yugoslav citizens than experienced in the Soviet Union and other Warsaw Pact states. AfterYugoslavia developed more open relationships with the capitalist world regarding civil liberties and economic and cultural exchanges. Open borders and the relative ease of travel to the West for ordinary citizens, along with regular cultural and economic exchanges with the Western world, including Western credit, were distinct characteristics of Yugoslav socialism.

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The Observer Life and style Femininity and the single woman They drink too much, smoke also much, and if they air like it, they have femininity too much. Women today appreciate what they want and are happy to go and acquire it Ursula Kenny Sun 5 Nov It was a absolutely drunken affair, and there was a guy there who made it quite obvious that he fancied me. Anyway, we flirted and chatted and I bring into being out that he liked the same music as me after that read The Guardian - he wasn't an axe murderer, all the rage other words - so after he suggested going on everywhere for another drink, I surprised myself by suggesting we attempt straight to his flat about the corner. When we got there, I started kissing him and initiated full-on sex, after that it was good sex, beseeching and passionate. As I was leaving, he asked if he could see me again. I said, Yes and took his number, but I knew I'd never call him.

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