Good sex really is mind-blowing for women

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We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Sex tips from men - to blow his mind By Cosmo Team Jun 8, Cosmopolitan. View Gallery 10 Photos 1 of 10 What a guy wants We get to grips with what men really want in bed, and how you can use these tricks to give you both a sensational session in the sack 2 of 10 Love your body I don't have a problem with cellulite. I do have a problem with women who bang on about it all the time. If a woman has the confidence to do a sexy striptease without a care in the world I have my cellulite blinkers well and truly fixed on.

December 17, What if I told you there was a catalogue of the best sex tips from men and women all-inclusive collated into one list? Girls like the neck, guys akin to the neck. Everyone likes the neck. Use that to your advantage.

Able sex really is mind-blowing designed for women Copenhagen medical conference hears of hot passions and aloof feet James Meikle , fitness correspondent Tue 21 Jun Reaching a proper sexual best moment is, for women at slight, a mind-blowing event. Large parts of their brains that agreement with emotion and fear act to shut down so so as to they can enjoy the adventure. A series of experiments by the Univerity of Groningen, all the rage the Netherlands, used brain scans to map what happened all the rage men's and women's heads although their partners sat by their prone bodies, sexually stimulating them. The tests involved 13 women and 11 men aged 19 to Women told the researchers when they faked orgasm, but the truth was around on the scans anyway. I think that is the chief outcome of the study. You see extreme deactivation of big portions of the brain, above all the fear centres, the common sense that controls emotions.

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