A strong libido and bored by monogamy: the truth about women and sex

Woman with 34140

Do you think about it enough or too much? Are you having more or less sex than everyone else? And, more importantly, should you care? But, like most concepts having to do with our bodies, libido is a lot more complicated than many of us think. So, we asked sexual health experts to walk us through Libidodelving into the common questions and the fascinating nuance that surrounds this subject. What is libido, exactly?

But this is a medical crisis, callor visit the ER. All together, we can do this. Be grateful you for your support. We have all fallen for it …. But what happens after fairy tale and reality collide? Low sexual desire is a common challenge among women.

After all adjusting to these medications be able to also result in a advanced libido, says Garrison. And accordingly can going off these medications. In these instances, working along with a mental healthcare professional is a M-U-S-T. A few things! Turn inward Dr.

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