Want a Fulfilling Relationship? Science Says the Happiest Couples Have These 13 Characteristics

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Women's Health may earn commission from the links on this page, but we only feature products we believe in. Why trust us? Dec 30, MilkosGetty Images Look, you all have seen the stats. The chances of ending up in a lasting marriage are essentially based on a coin toss. But sometimes, recognizing that your marriage has gone from heart eyes to anger—or worse, indifference—can be tough to spot.

Absence a Fulfilling Relationship? By Melanie Curtin , Writer, activist melaniebcurtin Getty Images Romantic relationships are challenging, rewarding, confusing, and exhilarating--sometimes all at the same age. Should you take things at a snail's pace at the beginning or bar right in? Can things adjourn hot in the bedroom constant after years of being together? What happens when one of you wants to use a holiday bonus to invest all the rage Bitcoin and the other wants to go on a vacation? The answers aren't always absolve, but when it comes en route for marital satisfaction, science has a few interesting things to offer.

Couples who are miserable tend en route for look pretty similar to erstwhile couples who are miserable along with either nasty conflict or budding indifference—or both. One of the things that can help adhere to your marriage strong is accomplishment things together during some of the leisure time you allow available. However, how this essentially works out depends on but the things you are accomplishment together are things you equally enjoy. Some couples have a number of clear, common interests in what they like en route for do for fun, which makes it pretty easy to choose what to do together.

As a result of Bibi Deitz Aug. What is the secret to a blissful relationship? How, year in after that year out, do they argue the same levels of dopamine-fueled happiness, those soaring levels of serotonin that lead to frantic happy couplehood, those nonstop oxytocin rushes that come after a good snuggle session? First bad, no one is happy altogether the time. But there are some habits that the happiest of couples do have, after that it's never too late en route for adopt them in your accept relationship.

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