Episode #17 Gerald Burns Part 1 Transcription

Cow girl 52726

When Colorado ranch foreman Owen Daybright Burt Lancaster of Brute Force and foster brother Lee Strobie Robert Walker of Strangers on a Train ride back into town from watching over their cattle for the winter, they run into the local doctor at the saloon. Actually, Lee had an affair with Lily, a former restaurant waitress, but he wants nobody to know about it, particularly his new wife. Later, Lee tells his father he lost the money playing poker. Dick wants to know the identity of the father, but Owen refers him to Lily.

These factors include :cheap cattle fences, absente corporate ranches with daft managers, railroads, wild west shows for clueless audiences, and ancient motor buggies that can't elude a horse on a able road, let alone navigate approximate country or mud-mired roads. This last point is dramatized all the rage the finale, when the hated horse-shy helpless-on the-range corporate array manager from the East Slocum is stuck in the dirt in his minimal low approval pioneer motor buggy Monte happens along on his horse after that declines to pull this dismal vehicle out, with the allude to in my title. He after that adds insult to injury as a result of jumping his horse over the low buggy with occupants, after that galloping off into the perspective. Prior to this scene, after the motor buggy was at the outset encountered, in town, Monte at first refused to get his horse out of the way, a minute ago starring at it in distrust, especially after Slocum predicted so as to eventually horses wouldn't be allowed on town streets. As a prank, the engineer blew his whistle as the cowboys were driving a herd of horses toward the train, causing them to scatter. The cowboys didn't think this was funny, accordingly all lassoed the smokestack, pulling it down, essentially grounding the train. This provoked a all-purpose brawl,, resulting in a appeal to. Monte then articulates his allude to to the trainmen's complaint so as to they can't move their aim without the smokestack, which they can't fix.

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