9 Excuses You'll Hear from Cheating Men

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Published September 1, What does simp mean? Simp is a slang insult for men who are seen as too attentive and submissive to women, especially out of a failed hope of winning some entitled sexual attention or activity from them. The word simp is meant to troll young men for doing anything for a girl to get some action he supposedly deserves. Find out what the Word of the Year is here! However, the term is also evolving some more general senses of liking someone, akin to the slang stan. The slang simp appeared to come out of nowhere in — Hip-hop lyrics from the late s and s were already using simp as an insult for a men perceived as too subservient to a woman. The slang simp spreads in the s.

But, with everything to lose, all has been accused of cheating on their wives. Why accomplish men risk so much? At this juncture are 9 reasons men are unfaithful Why They Cheat The No. Buss says.

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