Breakdown of a marriage or other relationship

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Let's work together to keep the conversation civil. Be the first one to review. Many turn out to be loving and successful marriages, while some can be terrifying and difficult as well. Society makes it hard for women to speak or take action against marital injustices if they happen to face any. It is extremely necessary for a married woman to be aware of her legal rights. Hence, we bring to you a detailed list of Indian legal rights that a married woman is entitled to. Women can further claim maintenance charge, under Section of the Indian Penal Code that states women can rightfully claim financial maintenance for herself and her child, especially if the husband earns more.

A court can also grant a nullity decree which is a declaration that a valid marriage ceremony never existed. Financial matters All the rage a marriage, there is a legal responsibility on both spouses to maintain each other after that any children in accordance along with their means. This means so as to any settlement agreed or imposed by the court should add in a maintenance agreement. The announce of what happens to the family home also arises. Departure or divorce may have accuse implications. It is important en route for understand the different taxation options available and how maintenance payments affect taxation.

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