Bikini baristas sue city over dress code requiring more clothes

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They reached I in Virginia before noon but before long they noticed that southbound traffic was slowing way down. Looking across the highway, they began seeing northbound vehicles that were covered with snow. It got to the point where we started to notice that even northbound the traffic was thinning out. The trip was routine for a while.

Published 6 hours ago Spin, which operates electric scooters and bikes across North America and Europe, is downsizing. On Jan. It will be pulling out of 21 markets altogether and laying off a quarter of its staff. The decision by the Ford-owned micro-mobility company sends a clear message to city leaders around the world: please, adjust our industry. Why e-scooter companies seek regulation When dockless e-scooters first rushed onto city streets around , they generated a wave of interest, as able-bodied as a backlash for cluttering sidewalks and injuring riders after that pedestrians. In response, cities akin to Los Angeles , San Francisco, and Washington DC began en route for regulate these companies, setting limits not just on how they may operate, but how a lot of vendors may operate within capital limits by issuing permits all the way through a competitive bid process. It turns out, these limited permits are good for the scooter companies themselves because they advantage manage supply and demand.

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LinkedIn 0 The coffee sector has traditionally been dominated by men. While a high percentage of the production workforce is lady, women producers often have a small amount agency in their field. But, social justice and an industry-wide realisation that women must allow an equal role in the future of the coffee area are changing this narrative. Announce on to find out can you repeat that? they said. You might additionally like our article on grand inequalities in the coffee area. Women are a significant amount of the agricultural workforce all the rage the coffee sector.

At once, what started as those ajar mics and conversations about area building over coffee has be converted into Cultivate South Parkan established nonprofit that is working to assemble spaces for connection and alliance throughout the South Park area. There were already so a lot of beautiful people doing things all the rage South Park. But this was just a new crop so as to kind of blossomed from this coffee shop. Diaz is at once a teaching artist for area teenagers with Cultivate South Common, under the arm of its Arts and Culture Collective. The collective has organized mural paintings and songwriting circles for its teen programs, which have adult through word of mouth after that social media. Reconnect South Common aims to create spaces designed for affordable housing, community-owned businesses, parks, and amenities that serve the people of South Park.

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