The 23 best fantasy book series to read right now from classics to new releases

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Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. From there, the series made an incredibly successful jump to 3D on the PlayStation 1 before the mainline series started to take more risks, including the elimination of turn-based battles and massively multiplayer online game MMO entries. Most Final Fantasy games are at the very least good, while many are great — and others are masterpieces. This is where high fantasy became the stuff of legend, and magic was replaced by scientific advances and the burgeoning technology from the Second Industrial Revolution. Perfectly paced, Final Fantasy VI achieved such high levels of narrative impact because of its setup. The first half introduces the cast, from the compelling starting protagonist, Terra Branford, to the rebel treasure hunter Locke Cole — all of whom want to take down the Empire. The linearity of the first half allows these characters to grow, to let you build connections with each one — an impressive feat considering there are roughly a dozen major players on your side.

All through the 10 years after its announcement, Versus changed directors, advance teams, supported consoles, main characters, and eventually its name — becoming Final Fantasy XV after it finally, finally saw announce in November of The betting world has had to ask: What the hell took accordingly long? Well, some recipes abide a long time to bake. The world of Final Caprice XV is rich with cooking, and it is goddamn attractive.

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