20 Questions To Ask Your Best Friend To Keep Your Relationship Alive

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After your best friends move athwart the world for school, before they find jobs in a new city, it can be easy to become disheartened. Although even though there might be an entire country between the two of you, there are always ways to keep so as to friendship fire burning. When buzz calls become the new auburn dates, and texts become the new sleepovers, the anxiety of keeping in touch with a big cheese can settle in quickly. After that time you talk to your long-distance friend, keep these questions in mind and your conversations will be just as affluent as they were when you were next-door neighbors or classmates. Even if you aren't all the rage a long-distance friendship, these austere, funny, juicy, and deep questions to ask your best acquaintance will help keep your affiliation alive. Keep reading and bookmark this page every time you need to connect with your bestie. Questions to ask your best friend: How was your week?

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