What is hyperosmia and what causes it?

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The disgusting secrets of smelly feet It is well established that smell and memory are strongly linked. But the findings of a study suggest that this may be the basis for hyperosmia. The study looked at 55 volunteers who rated their sense of smell as better than average. They compared them to a group of people the same ages and gender who considered their sense of smell to be normal. Pregnant women can become more sensitive to certain odours such as coffee, spices and cigarette smoke Credit: Alamy The super smellers in this study were asked to complete a structured questionnaire about their experiences of environmental smells. They associated certain smells such as fragrances and human body products, such as sweat, with negative consequences and unpleasant memories, and found that environmental smells evoked feelings of annoyance and disgust.

Attitude Hyperosmia is a heightened awareness of smell. This increased aptitude to perceive odors usually occurs due to another condition, although may also happen on its own in some cases. All the rage this article, we examine the other symptoms that can appear alongside hyperosmia, as well at the same time as the range of conditions so as to can cause it. We additionally take a look at the treatment options for a heightened sense of smell. When a big cheese has hyperosmia, they can be subject to smells more strongly than erstwhile people.

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