Reporter Mike Cochran's somber load to bear - Oswald casket in 1963

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Kennedy came to Texas in late November He was one of seven members of the press to carry the casket of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald to his grave. Cochran, 76, today is retired and lives in suburban Fort Worth. As graduation neared, he got an invitation for a public relations job for Sohio Oil. However, his journalism instructor C. He would work part time until graduation, then take a full-time job. He worked there a year as a sports writer then had an offer to go to the newspaper in Corpus Christi. He was told over the phone in March to stop by the AP office the next time he was in town. After a brutal dust storm battered Abilene that very day, he and his wife drove overnight to Dallas, and Cochran was at the AP office the next morning.

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