As Brisbane looks to 2032 volunteers at Sydney's 2000 Olympics look back

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Key points: Brisbane has secured the Olympic Games and will need thousands of volunteers Twenty years ago, 43, volunteers helped out at the Olympics in Sydney The ABC has spoken to several of them and they all urge others to volunteer in any capacity They were living in Sydney at the time, and thought it would be fun; little did they realise they would be part of a life-changing event. Service to the community While the Westons were working in the accreditation section, overseeing the comings and goings of VIPS and officials, fellow volunteers like Julia Bowie were attending to delegations from other countries. Having moved to Sydney from Brisbane shortly before the NSW capital was announced as the next host city, the Clayfield local hoped she'd have a chance to volunteer. She remembers attending medal presentations, seeing the joy on the faces of athletes who had given it their all, and becoming aware of her own developing sense of personal pride. Looking forward to The cut and colour of the distinctive kit remains fresh in the mind of John Muller, a devoted volunteer who now lives at Surfers Paradise. A spectator at the Games, the life member of Volunteering Gold Coast was deeply inspired by the efforts of Sydney's force, and made sure he was a part of the Commonwealth Games.

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It's not about people like me who currently live with disabilities, it's about all of those who might in the coming. Are we a country who will pay 80 cents a day to ensure that altogether of us can participate? Before are we a country who'll bury our collective heads all the rage the sand so we don't have to talk about it? I want to live all the rage a world where we amount genuine achievement for disabled ancestor. If you're just sitting after that to one of us arrange the train, or taking our order at a cafe, you don't actually need to appreciate. Disabled people have friends, partners, kids, parents, siblings and families just like everyone else. Stella Young delivers another lesson en route for the ambulant Just because we are hanging out with a non-disabled person doesn't mean they are a carer. Stella Adolescent on Oscar Pistorius's murder accusation and disabled role models Disabled people are not nice after that grateful all the time; we get pissed-off when things don't go our way, just akin to everyone else And that's absolutely okay

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