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Celina Registered Dental Assistant Although Celina joined our team only a few years ago, she has been helping patients achieve pristine oral health and beautiful smiles for over a decade. She loves how versatile being a dental assistant is and thoroughly enjoys everyone she works with! Celina and her husband have a 4-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter together. Her interests outside of dentistry include refurbishing old furniture, shopping at thrift stores, camping, and hiking. One thing you may not know about her is that she can sing like Louis Armstrong!

Customized Treatment Plans Implant Dentistry The placement and restoration of dental implants offers so many benefits when compared to the erstwhile teeth replacement alternatives that it is almost always the best course of treatment. Learn add about your options here Artistic Dentistry Prosthodontic dentistry has complex to the point where assembly the full restoration of dental functionality is simply a baseline. We take great care all the rage crafting beautiful and natural looking smiles that are perfect all the rage all their imperfections. As a leading prosthodontist in Montreal, Dr. Shaw is exceptionally well versed in the latest techniques after that technology that make this administer easier and the results advance. Bringing back the full functionality of the bite with embed secured restorations has allowed them to resume some of the simple pleasures in life — biting into an apple, enjoying a steak or just not having to worry about broken up teeth. The aesthetic results of our work have an by the same token profound impact on the lives of our patients.

Accept to Smile Montreal! Our band is committed to offering the finest dental care available. We strive to stay up-to-date along with current developments in the area of modern dentistry and our entire staff regularly attends progress education courses. Our office features state-of-the-art technology and our doctors provide the latest proven ground-breaking techniques in order to amplify the oral health of you and your family. First-Class Action Our Montreal, QC, practice has a long tradition of first rate general and cosmetic dentistry action. We are dedicated to attribute service and exceptional care, after that we make no compromise after it comes to the fitness, comfort, and satisfaction of our patients. If your teeth are damaged, discolored or misshapen, your smile can be transformed along with cosmetic dentistry.

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