Kingston Facebook group offers support: 'The idea is to share what you have'

Looking for a local 51834

Who to call These contacts can be used if you are concerned about the welfare of an animal in Ontario. This includes animals that: are injured, in pain, sick, suffering or abused lack proper care, water, food or shelter Local animal control Call your local animal control if: a wild animal is in distress, injured or deceased a wild or domestic animal is roaming on public property Emergency Call in an emergency when any life is in immediate danger or distress, such as when there is: an animal attack an animal in a hot or cold vehicle Also call to report illegal activity such as a dog or cock fighting ring. What happens when you call ANIMAL If you report an animal that is in distress, being abused or neglected: The Ontario Animal Protection Call Centre will file an incident ticket and connect you with the appropriate local contact. Based on the location and nature of the incident, the call centre may flag the ticket for further investigation with the appropriate authorities, such as a provincial inspector or the local police. After the appropriate authority reviews the incident ticket, they may investigate on-site or involve other authorities as needed. Authorities may contact you directly if they need more information. The authorities may contact you if they need more information.

Accept Depression Sadness is a accepted part of being human, after that feeling this way for a few days can be average. Depression can interfere with all, including school, family, and relationships. But getting help early be able to promote full recovery and accede to the person get back en route for being themself. Remember, depression is a medical illness that affects the brain and hormones. A sad mood is a indication of this illness. Depression is not a personal weakness. The sooner they get some advantage, the better.

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