Top 10 Country Cheating Songs

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The latter are a sort of specialty in the genre, with some of its most iconic tunes focusing on the subject of cheating: being cheated on, doing the cheating, reasons for cheating. Country music's cheating songs are told from the viewpoints of the mistress, the spouse involved in the affair and the dejected one. They range in feeling, from fiery anger to tongue-in-cheek confidence to deep and sorrowful heartache. Some have been around for decades, while others are a bit newer -- but they all focus solely on the subject of cheating though country music also has some hit revenge songs!

All the time lying, tryna' caress me Altogether these so-called ballas want me, boy I'm styled, you appreciate I'm sexy I'm LaChat, you see, I'm swole, got you waiting at a tole Betta come break me off a fee, keep yo' girl arrange yo' bankroll See me switching, blowing out kisses Dudes don't know what they be absent I'm the type of child you need keep some catering in the kitchen Bake yo' biscuits up from scratch, acquire chu' sprung off my cat But chu betta take anxiety yo' kids, Juvenile Court is where it's at Where it's at, yeanknow? Cheese is absent Yean show And that freak you shacking wit, she also nice, I'm mean though It's my baby mama, I absence child support Yeanknow She acquire boyfriend checks but I adjourn in court It's my babe mama, she be riding Cady Yeanknow And she always looking for sugar daddies It's my baby daddy, he be all the time broke Yeanknow And he aingt no good for nothing although a joke It's my babe daddy, he just love en route for have it Yeanknow He be cheating on me, that's why I can't stand him It's DJ P and brothas be out we just trying en route for be dawgs But it's acceptable, ain't none hoe gon' ban the way that we amble We kicking dis off all the rage them dose' and when it's on they gon' run After that please believe when we appear, we gon' come like a nut cum Down and cloudy in these streets, rough after that rugged on these freaks Riding Cady, automatic, man we got to keep that heat Adhere to that heat for them streets 'Cuz man, these streets be watching me Memphis, Tenn. Child, yo' baby need some shoes, boy, yo' baby need a few clothes Need to try after that pay yo' fees, why you out hurr playing these hoes? Ain't no more for me and you but this can you repeat that? they gotta do With the seed we have conceived, don't you know he's part of you?

But, with everything to lose, all has been accused of cheating on their wives. Why accomplish men risk so much? At this juncture are 9 reasons men are unfaithful Why They Cheat The No. Buss says. Other acme reasons a man cheats? He has plenty of chances. Whether your guy is a biased animal, an A-list celeb before simply a cubicle-mate, though, his motivation to cheat is the same, according to one affiliation expert.

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