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Dude exclamitory - in surprise, as in Ohmigosh in a dude way. Dude[ edit ] Would it be biased for a female dude such as muah to say dude? Then in the Origin section, it mentions exclusively about the surfer culture. That is confusing. Can someone clarify the inconsistency? Although it's use in early times may be linked to the tv show Howdie Doodie, whence from an old surfer term came, Cowabunga. Windsurfing move, Canada[ edit ] - Ultra popular term for males in many Canadian cities, especially in Mississauga also a move on a wind board were the rider lets go of the kite, backflips while droping 3ft through the air, to come back up and grab the kite then return to the floor. References to international spread, as well as the second point about windsurfing, deserve expansion.

Committed Oldest Votes 59 All three of these, man, dude, after that bro, in about equal amount, are very informal, assume a few familiarity, but are not bad-mannered or offensive. But their genderedness is different. Man, that's a big shark. The speaker is not addressing to a manly, it's just a pointed approach of drawing attention to the statement. Dude, where's my car?

Benefit from the Music. Don't play the sister like that. Sister at this juncture be askin' ya if ya want some scrumptious yummies. Wanna scarf down on some Additional York City 'zza or chickie nuggies? Please gimme some of dat NYC 'zzaaaah. So can you repeat that? DID all that mean?

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