Sleep Tips for Older Adults

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Need urgent help? Click here. Tip 2: Identify underlying causes for your insomnia Many cases of insomnia or sleep difficulties are caused by underlying but very treatable causes. By identifying all possible causes, you can tailor treatment accordingly. Are you under a lot of stress? Are you depressed?

Turns out, a lot of things. Go to bed laughing along with our favorite sleep sayings beneath. Stay up and fight. I want you back! Do you?

Accomplishment enough sleep helps you adjourn healthy and alert. Waking ahead every day feeling tired is a sign that you are not getting the rest you need. Sleep and Aging Older adults need about the alike amount of sleep as altogether adults—7 to 9 hours all night. But, older people attend to to go to sleep earlier and get up earlier than they did when they were younger. There are many reasons why older people may not get enough sleep at dark. Feeling sick or being all the rage pain can make it arduous to sleep. Some medicines be able to keep you awake. Here are some ideas: Follow a accepted sleep schedule. Go to be asleep and get up at the same time each day, constant on weekends or when you are traveling.

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