FAQs for COVID-19 Health Order C19-07y

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The San Francisco Health Officer's declaration of a health emergency arising from the pandemic continues to be in effect, and the main health order governing the emergency remains in place. This document answers FAQs about the current version of the health order. Revision history: January 12, revisions in response to updated State guidelines providing further protection against Omicron variant by requiring up-to-date on vaccination including booster, when eligible verification in high-risk settings. December 6, Updates language and criteria for children under 12 years old to attend indoor mega events. November 10, Adds language for year-old children being eligible for vaccines as of October 29, More specifically, it lifts capacity limits and physical distancing requirements for most businesses and activities. It also allows businesses, schools, and other activities to fully resume. The order still has some requirements to specific situations. The purpose of these restrictions is to protect our communities and save lives by: Increasing vaccine coverage to the greatest extent possible Limiting the transmission risk of COVID Containing any potential COVID outbreaks Aligning in general with the guidance issued by the CDC and the State relating to COVID except in limited instances where local conditions require more restrictive measures The order applies these additional measures to certain settings with vulnerable populations or where there is a high risk of COVID transmission to ensure the health and safety of all in that setting.

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Our Health Desk Help Desk addresses them here. Fast-forward about three weeks, and Colon Torres showed up to her workplace ample of nerves and hope en route for be among the first en route for get the shot. She recommends that people talk to their doctors before getting the vaccine, especially if they have underlying conditions. She also suggests so as to people do their research although be skeptical of what they see floating around on collective media, much of which is inaccurate. The girl asked her and the respiratory therapist but they had received the vaccine.

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