No strings attached: Five reasons why casual sex is worth your while

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Sanya PanwarNew Delhi Although years of chauvinism have caused virtually everyone to believe that anyone namely a woman who engages in casual sex sex without commitment or true emotion is somewhat of a 'loose' character, those who've engaged in these liaisons know otherwise. Also read: Not putting any heart into it could end up cheapening the whole thing. But hey, perhaps both sexes don't have time for relationships: they're too busy or find it safer to keep their hearts loveless and engage in some carnal liberation. Everyone craves physical love every now and then And there's nothing quite wrong with that, is there? On that rather 'unorthodox' note, we give you five fabulous reasons why sometimes it's nice to feel a warm body next to yours, and not romp into bed for an eventual walk down the aisle. We'll try to sound as rational and realistic as possible; here goes it: everything from the fun of it, all the way to actually discovering new things about whom else but yourself! Also read: Six signs that show man, woman can't be 'just friends' 1 Duh, it's fun: Sex is fun at least it's supposed to be.

Is This Relationship Right for You? The world of modern dating is complicated. For example, what's the difference between hanging absent and hooking up? Or abide the no strings attached relationship—what does that mean? We bowed to relationship experts to advantage us unravel the ins after that outs of a no strings attached relationship and break along its pros and cons. A no strings attached relationship is one in which there are no special conditions or restrictions for emotional or physical commitment or support. The Pros By and large speaking, this arrangement works after you're in a good area with your job, social animation, and personal life, and altogether that's missing is sex, says Desiree Dean, author of The Sex MANual in an conference with Women's Health.

Relationships Do long-term, no-strings sex arrangements ever work? Can you allow sex with someone for years without dropping the L-bomb before calling what you have a relationship? That way, if I die before I finish I know how it comes absent. That, my friend, is a dark side.

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