Hot Environments - Health Effects and First Aid

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Heat may come from many sources. For example: In foundries, steel mills, bakeries, smelters, glass factories, and furnaces, extremely hot or molten material is the main source of heat. In outdoor occupations, such as construction, road repair, open-pit mining and agriculture, summer sunshine is the main source of heat. In laundries, restaurant kitchens, and canneries, high humidity adds to the heat burden. In all instances, the cause of heat stress is a working environment which can potentially overwhelm the body's ability to deal with heat. When air temperature or humidity is higher, people feel uncomfortable. Such situations do not cause harm as long as the body can adjust and cope with the additional heat. Very hot environments can overwhelm the body's coping mechanisms leading to a variety of serious and possibly fatal conditions.

But you experience any of these symptoms, you may need en route for increase your fluid intake. A loss of fluid equal en route for two per cent of amount mass for example a 1. A loss of fluid alike to more than two apiece cent means you risk queasiness, vomiting, diarrhoea and other gastro-intestinal problems. When you need dampen, you need it. Sweat after that dehydration When you exercise, your body sweats as it tries to return to its best temperature.

Increased heart rate Visual problems But you develop any of these symptoms, you must lower your body temperature and get hydrated right away. Stop exercising as soon as and get out of the heat. If possible, have a big cheese stay with you who be able to help monitor your condition. Measuring core body temperature with a rectal thermometer is essential en route for accurately determine the degree of heat injury. An oral, ear or forehead thermometer doesn't afford an accurate temperature reading designed for this purpose. In cases of heatstroke, due to confusion after that mental status changes, you won't be able to treat by hand and you'll require emergency check-up care. The most effective approach of rapid cooling is captivation of your body in a cold- or ice-water tub.

Cardio workouts can also: Help be in charge of weight by burning calories after that regulating appetite. Lower blood anxiety and control blood sugar. Bring down the risk of falls all the rage older adults. Reduce joint ache and stiffness. Release tension, advance your mood, and help you to sleep better at dark.

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