11 podcasts about TV shows from Line Of Duty to Sex And The City

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Netflix's Sex Education season 3 is now streaming, and it's once again accompanied by a soundtrack full of pop songs and deep cuts. Sex Education dropped on Netflix back inand immediately stood out from the crowd for a variety of reasons. With an incredibly fresh and likable cast, an aesthetic that blended US and UK schools, and a refreshingly honest and open approach to teenage topics many shows wouldn't know how to begin touching upon, it marked itself as one of the streaming service's best series. That very much continues to be the case again in Sex Education season 3which picks up with Otis and Maeve after season 2's ending. The new run of episodes also dives more into the show's other relationships, including Eric and Adam, Ola and Lily, and Jean and Jakob, and along the way the drama is all backed by an eclectic mix of songs. Composers Oli Julian and Ezra Furman do a fantastic job, as do the team behind the musical choices.

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Although you might have missed chatting to your office buddies a propos the latest series at the water cooler, or quoting abiding comedy lines with friends above a glass of wine. Cue: TV podcasts. You may additionally like Plugging into a Box podcast is the perfect approach to feel like part of the conversation and hype. It was recently announced at a Sex And The City by-product series is in the facility, so of course it makes sense that fans are using the news as an absolve to revisit the original chain.

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