Want a More Satisfying Sex Life? Here Are the 4 Golden Rules of Talking About Sex With a Partner

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Kasandra Brabaw Photographed by Ashley Armitage. Talking about sex is hard. Telling the person you love that you're not happy with your sex life is even harder. In fact, it might feel impossible to start a conversation about all the things you don't like about having sex with your partner. You might feel that airing your dislikes will make your partner feel rejectedor like you don't love them anymore — and that's not necessarily true. Instead, disappointment in your sex life usually means that you and your partner aren't communicating your needs and desires clearly. Couples who are struggling with their sex lives often sweep the issues under a rug, precisely because they feel that talking about it will make their partner angry or sad, Vikki StarkM. So how do you get past the fear and talk honestly with your partner?

But this feels like you after that you want more help along with communication and relationships, especially a propos sex — read on. Announcement and relationships are two things I specialize in as a sex therapist. I know how daunting it can feel en route for broach the subject of femininity, but I also know a minute ago how impactful it can be when you get it right! Below are four important principles that will help you be in contact about sex with your affiliate and have a better, add satisfying sex life and affiliation. Pick A Time An central principle that can also be applied to communication and relationships in general is picking the right time to have the conversation. They throw the area of interest of sex into the associate as a way of conceivably hurting the other, or signaling that they feel their affiliate is failing in other areas too. Choose A Setting But sex is something you hardly ever discuss with your partner, you might also want to be extra cautious when thinking a propos where you have the banter. You might find it feels more relaxed to talk a propos sex while going for a walk, as opposed to meeting at home at the kitchen table. This could otherwise aim a perfectly good conversation addicted to an argument!

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