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English is technically a Germanic language, meaning it shares a common linguistic ancestor with languages like German and Dutch. You might be surprised to learn that the second largest influence on Spanish vocabulary after Latin comes from Arabic. In fact, there are about 4, modern Spanish words that come from Arabicevidence of a lasting legacy imprinted on the language today from hundreds of years ago in history. Many of the same sounds exist in English and Spanish, with a few exceptions.

A Brief History of the Spanish Language Asia The region along with the least Spanish speakers, Asia has hosted the Spanish dialect since the sixteenth century, after Spanish explorers colonized the Philippines and set about imposing their rule and spreading Christianity. At this juncture, Spanish was spoken primarily as a result of the elite — businesspeople, intellectuals, missionaries and the local ask for. Located on the western beach of the continent, Spanish, Portuguese and French are the administrator languages, thanks to the ceding of the territory from Portugal to Spain, the latter of which relinquished control of Equatorial Guinea in Equatoguinean Spanish is similar to that spoken all the rage Spain and Latin America.

Your Spanish is so good! How did you learn? But, basically, I learned Spanish on my own. So, what were my tricks? How did I accomplish it?

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