You’re So Wet Down There — What Does That Mean?

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Or at least from vanilla to vanilla bean. Find more sexy advice right here. My girlfriend gets too wet during sex. What do I do? Is this OK, well if patting yourself on the back isn't the answer you're looking for, let's try door number two. Wetness during sex is essential for all parties involved. It keeps everything moving and flowing at a slippery and seductive rhythm, and keeps everyone feeling good.

But this bothers you, consider asking your doctor about an another birth control that has a lesser amount of estrogen. Infections, like bacterial vaginosis , could cause a affection of wetness, as the condensation helps to move bacteria absent of your vaginal canal. Vaginal lubrication also increases near ovulation to increase the chances of fertilization by providing an easier passage for the sperm en route for travel. Is it water along there? Cervical fluid is made up of carbohydrates, proteins, after that amino acids, and it is the most informative of the vaginal fluids. It changes all the rage texture, color, and consistency, depending on your cycle and hormone levels. Cervical fluids are a natural bodily response, but but you have fluids that are green, smelly, or have a cottage cheese texture, it is best to check with your doctor, as this could be a sign of infection. A different type of fluid that could be down there is vaginal sweat, which comes from your sweat glands.

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