Size Doesn't Matter

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Generally, appliances come in standard sizes to make your installing process as convenient as possible. If you purchase a built-in range, chances are that range will slide right into that space without even the slightest issue. Built-in microwaves are another appliance that come in very few different sizes, allowing little room between the microwave and range. Now, Whirlpool is changing the ideal built-in microwave look without sacrificing quality and performance. The Whirlpool Low Profile Microwave Hood Combination intertwines both microwave and vent hood into fun-size — giving room to all those who need space above their stove! Space Savior While you may feel like you just compromised size for stove space, this low-profile microwave is anything but tiny. This nifty appliance may look itty bitty, but it has more than enough capacity to fit large dishes inside. You can fit tall glasses, wide plates and big bowls in this over the range microwave that still has enough room for all the essentials with 1.

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