Help for Couples Who Can't Climax

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September 12, Medically Reviewed Achieving an orgasm can feel like an uphill battle sometimes, but with the right diagnosis and treatment, you can start climaxing more often. Getty Images Sex is fun, feels good, and is a great way to be physically and emotionally close to your partner. But without an orgasm, it can be a less satisfying experience for both of you. While some women may have difficulty achieving an orgasm and may never have truly experienced one, men can have orgasm difficulties as well, especially if there are physical or emotional issues at play in the relationship. The good news is that the right diagnosis and treatment can teach you how to orgasm and have a satisfying sexual relationship. Read on to learn how. Physiologically, there could be other reasons. If either a man or a woman is used to achieving an orgasm with his or her own hand, someone else's touch and body part might seem strange, she explains. Some other potential reasons that men and women may not be able to climax include: A problem in the relationship Boredom in the bedroom An emotional or physical trauma, like rape or abuse Health conditions that affect nerves or hormone levels Being shy or embarrassed about sex Lack of education about orgasms, sex, and what stimulation works best for you Side effects of certain medications, including some antidepressants How to Diagnose the Problem It's crucial to see a healthcare provider who can help you get to the root of the problem.

Can you repeat that? can cause orgasm problems all the rage women? Causes of orgasm problems in women can be animal or psychological. Orgasm problems be able to be: primary: a woman has never had an orgasm secondary: she has had orgasms all the rage the past, but cannot allow one now Also some women find they can orgasm after masturbating but not when they are with their partner. This could be due to problems with the relationship or not being stimulated sufficiently. Some women do not need an orgasm to enjoy sex. However, designed for other women and their partners, being unable to have an orgasm can be a badly behave.

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