LGBT rights in Greece

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This glossary should help you learn to speak Greek! Plural: Alumnae. Plural: Alumni. Associate Member: A person who has accepted a bid but is not yet initiated into a sorority or fraternity. Bid: An invitation to join a sorority or fraternity.

Students are quick to point absent that these are institutions conventional for and by white men from a higher social brand , where racism, rape background, and classism are not adverse side effects but direct consequences of the system. And add recently, colleges have been affected to deal with the results of fraternities ignoring coronavirus restrictions in favor of holding big gatherings: campus-wide Covid outbreaks. The fact that many students of color feel similarly is not an accident. In fact, boss surveys of the classes of and at Princeton University bring into being that 77 percent of sorority members and 73 percent of fraternity members were white.

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