Modern Guide to Dating After 50

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But if you're single and over 50, you might also want to know which cities may boost your chances of finding a partner or just be more conducive to dating. Places that offer older adults more opportunities to find someone to share a meal, snuggle up, take in the sites, go dancing, stroll or have a cocktail may rate higher for those who are single and looking to make connections. While some of these activities are on hold due to the pandemicthe rollout of the coronavirus vaccine makes their resumption imminent. Where they are is not a bad spot for older folks because they tend to live where the economy is growing, where the cost of living may be more reasonable. Those younger generations are building families, starting companies and creating an optimism that tends to be infectious. Though this list is a good place to start, choices are based on individual interests and circumstances: Consider your own lifestyle and what you like to do in order to meet the kind of person you'd date. Do you prefer big city lights or the small-town life? Do you hike, run, bowl, knit, watch films? Keeping all that in mind, here are 10 great places for older singles listed by highest to lowest senior population : Getty Images 1.

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