Tips from the trade: simple guide to quartz countertop care and maintenance

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Scroll Down for the fun stuff tips from the trade: simple guide to quartz countertop care and maintenance July 11, Years ago, there were two basic choices for countertops in the kitchen and bath: a countertop that was low-maintenance and inexpensive, and a countertop that was classy, elegant, and beautiful. One would think that a countertop this gorgeous would require special care and dedicated upkeep — but such luxe looks are deceiving! These low maintenance countertops are durable, versatile, and often less expensive than their natural-stone counterparts. Quartz is an engineered, man-made material that can resemble a variety of natural products, with all the dramatic veining and sparkle of marble and granite, or the subtle swirling textures of travertine. Daily Cleaning Whether your countertop is installed in the kitchen or bath, you need to know how to keep it clean and hygienic. Use a mild soap, such as dishwashing liquid, along with a damp sponge or soft dishcloth. Wipe and rinse.

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