Fun Stuff to Do in a Hotel Room

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How to Celebrate Your Special Day at One of the Hotels In New York Whether you're traveling alone for work or have a little downtime at the end of a long day of touring a new city, your hotel room can seem like both a comfort and a bore. There are plenty of things to do in a hotel room besides staring at the television for hours on end. When you've settled into your room but there are still hours until bedtime, a little creativity can keep you from going crazy. Find an Excuse to Indulge It's the rare person who has the time to pamper herself regularly, but it's an easy thing to do in a hotel room. When you're stuck in a hotel room, turn the bathroom into your own personal spa. Pick up a container of bubble bath or bath salts from the closest drugstore, along with a scented candle and bottle of wine, and soak in the tub until the water runs cold. Women might also enjoy having an evening of beauty. Coat your hair with deep conditioner, paint your nails and experiment with all the makeup in your bag. Put on your pajamas, climb into bed and start talking.

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