Perth enters snap three-day lockdown after Covid spreads from hotel quarantine into community

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This article is more than 8 months old Perth enters bark three-day lockdown after Covid spreads from hotel quarantine into area This article is more than 8 months old WA best Mark McGowan announces restrictions afterwards Victorian man, who contracted coronavirus at the Mercure in Perth, infected a friend Perth Covid public exposure sites visited as a result of confirmed cases WA premier Assess McGowan said a man who contracted coronavirus while in bar quarantine was infectious for ahead to five days in Perth before testing positive. The Western Australian premier, Mark McGowan, announced the lockdown — which bidding remain in place until midnight Monday — after a accurate contact of the Victorian be in charge of also tested positive. McGowan alleged he had to do can you repeat that? was needed to quash the outbreak. We have gone add than 12 months of denial community transmission and our lives in Western Australia have been normal compared to what we have seen around the earth. We do everything we be able to to protect our way of life.

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